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About Us

Brian Almon founded his own computer repair and consulting firm in Eagle, Idaho in 2018, and took over Lightspeed IT in 2022. Brian has nearly twenty years of experience in the information technology field, from work as a bench technician in a fast-paced computer repair store to network administration at one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world. Brian lives in Eagle with his with and four children.

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At Lightspeed IT, we believe that technology should work as simply and as reliably as the light switch. Our mission is to make your technology work so well that you can use it everyday without worry, whether it is email, security, file storage, or real-time collaboration tools. The world of information technology is constantly changing. We are not like a big box store, trying to gain more clients than we can handle. Our aim is to build productive relationships built on trust and transparency.


There is so much that can be done remotely in modern systems, from user management to cloud storage. However, sometimes it really helps to have a technician available to visit your office and fix the problem directly. We are only a half-hour drive from almost anywhere in the Boise metro area. When you need someone on-site, Lightspeed IT is here.


At Lightspeed IT, we treat our clients fairly and transparently. We keep close watch of our time and do not overcharge. We pass equipment charges to our clients at cost. If we make a mistake, we own it. We take care of your data and your time as if they were our very own.

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