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AlmonTech is now Lightspeed IT!

In 2018, I founded Almon Consulting in Eagle, Idaho. In 2020, I renamed the firm Almon Technology Solutions, to better advertise what we do for our clients.

Also in 2020, Ryan Martin, Ryan Adams, and Jennie Capuano founded Lightspeed IT & Consulting. When Ryan Adams left the firm at the end of that year, they needed a technician to continue supporting the clients with whom they had built relationships. I came on board to work under the Lightspeed banner.

As of 2022, I have bought Lightspeed, merging it with AlmonTech to form one new firm dedicated to technical support and managed solutions for clients in the Treasure Valley: Lightspeed IT. I appreciate what Mr. Martin and Ms. Capuano did in creating this firm, and I hope to continue growing Lightspeed and maintaining high standards of service for all our clients.

I have spent the past six weeks transitioning both companies into the one new one - new website, new email, new business cards, etc. Now that work is basically done, and it is time to get to work for you!

Contact us today with your questions or ideas. Lightspeed IT is ready to come alongside you for any technology project, large or small.

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